Why Selecting the Right Material for Blankets and Throws Is Important?

Throws are same as a blanket, but smaller in size. They are versatile in nature and very attractive in appearance. Besides color and design, material also plays a significant role when selecting a home improvement accessory. Some materials are season specific, while some provide classy look, but less comfort. You need to consider all these things before you arrive at a decision.


It is a natural fiber that is made to be soft, comfortable and breathable. This material becomes softer after each wash. Maintaining this material is also very easy. With gentle tossing and turning in the washer followed by drying will do the job.

This material is perfect for those, who prefer durability and convenience over style. Cotton home accessories are considered to be best for the use in summer season and warmer climates.


Wool is the traditional and most popularly used item in making blankets and bed throws.  Made from the fibers obtained from lambs, goats, and sheep, it feels both warm as well as breathable. Bed accessories made of wool are best suited for chilly nights, cold temperature and fall season.


This is another very highly rated material for bed accessory. Cashmere is made from fine quality soft wool of goat. It’s luxurious and cushy feel makes people love it. Being light in weight, the specialty of this material lies in its ability to keep one superbly warm. You need to dry clean them. The most suited time to use them is the winter season and cold nights.


Bed blankets and throws are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to spruce up your ordinary looking bedroom. The selection of the material depends on your preference, whether you value appearance over comfort and convenience. Ensure that you learn about your requirements well before choosing the material for your home accessory.

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