Why Is It Important To Conduct Asbestos Survey

Asbestos is a harmful material whose exposure can be a threat to the life of people. It has been observed to cause major illnesses in people. Survey is the only effective and safe method to identify the presence of asbestos. This survey comprises of an evaluation of the state of the materials. It works by taking a sample of the suspected area and identifying presence of this element in building material.

Asbestos in what forms can be harmful for you?

Asbestos can be the reason for serious life-threatening illness “Mesothelioma”. This element when present in below forms can prove to be dangerous.

  • Asbestos that is used in the construction of a building
  • Asbestos that is used both externally and internally
  • Loose fibers of asbestos that are used in performing DIY tasks such as drilling holes in the walls, hanging curtains, pictures etc.

If you relate to any of the above-mentioned concerns in your home, workplace or any other building, then it is advised to carry out an ‘Asbestos Survey’. With this survey, you can determine if materials used in the construction of your building contains asbestos or not.

Which survey is needed?

There are two main types of asbestos surveys that are conducted at a premise.

Management Survey

Management Survey is a standard survey that locates the presence of any suspected material that contains asbestos. It could make your building disturbed or damaged at the time of normal occupancy.

Refurbishment and Demolition Survey

Refurbishment and Demolition Survey is needed prior to performing any form of demolition or refurbishment work. Asbestos reports from this survey define the extent of asbestos containing materials in a specific area where refurbishment and demolition work is going to take place.

What are things performed as a part of this survey?

An asbestos survey is characterized as a visual examination of a property. Here a surveyor will take samples of materials that are suspected to have asbestos in it. If it is an office environment, then areas below carpets, ceiling voids, and areas where routine maintenance is carried out are inspected.

Each and every room will be inspected by the surveyor and appropriate report will be generated. This report will reveal all the construction materials that contain asbestos in it.


Before performing the survey, you need to learn its importance in making your place free from asbestos. Getting assistance of a surveyor will prove to be beneficial in promoting healthy surroundings.

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