Using Riding Floor Scrubbers to Clean Athletic Flooring

Many people are somewhat intimidated by the size and apparent complexity of a riding floor scrubber. However, they are actually quite simple to use. This article will detail the process for cleaning an athletic floor with a riding floor scrubber. This same process can be used to clean many different types of flooring.

What is Athletic Flooring?

Before this article goes into the details of cleaning up athletic flooring with a riding floor scrubber, it will explain what athletic flooring is. Athletic flooring is a style of rubber floor often used for indoor basketball and volleyball courts. It requires special care to maintain it properly. There are other methods of cleaning athletic floors, but using a riding floor scrubber is the best way.

Step One

The first step one must take when cleaning an athletic floor with a riding scrubber is to sweep the floor clean of dust, dirt, and any larger objects that may be present. The larger objects may damage the scrubber. The dust and dirt will not damage the scrubber, but it will decrease its effectiveness.

Step Two

After the floor is swept, fill the tank of the scrubber with the mixture of water and cleaning solution that is specified by the manufacturer of the scrubber. Don’t use the scrubbing pads to clean athletic flooring, as this may damage the floor. Instead, use the brushes on the bottom of the scrubber.

Step Three

Decide where you want to start when cleaning the floor. Ride the scrubber over there, but do not turn on the cleaning mechanism yet. Once you have reached your starting point, lower the squeegee blades and turn on the cleaning system. Drive the machine slowly back and forth in an organized manner until you have covered the entire floor. Keep an eye on the gauges to make sure that the tank does not need to be emptied during this process.


Step Four

Once you have covered the entire floor, empty the recovery and cleaning solution tanks and put a buffing pad on. Do not put a scrubbing pad on. This is an easy mistake to make, but it may cause damage to the floor. Also, be sure not to lower the squeegee blades. Drive over the floor in the same manner as before. Once this has been completed, the floor is ready to be used.

Riding Scrubbers Are Versatile

While this article specifically covers the usage of riding scrubbers for athletic flooring, such scrubbers can be used for nearly any sort of floor. The different pads and cleaning solutions available make scrubbers one of the most versatile tools available for any custodian. The ability of riding scrubbers to accommodate a driver in a seated position makes them quicker, more efficient, and less physically taxing than similar scrubbers that must be pushed.

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