Tips To Renting A Self Storage Unit That Suits Your Needs Perfectly

The number of companies offering self storage facilities is in the hundreds. Even in a small neighborhood, you will find at least 4 or 5 of them. The increased competition is both good and bad for you as a customer. It’s good because you have room to negotiate and you have a chance to get a better deal, but it’s bad because in the race to give cheap service, the companies often tend to compromise in necessary things like security, cleanliness etc.

So, here are some tips that will help you make the right choices, and ensure that you don’t walk into a pit chasing after a cheap deal.


Security should be tough:

Whatever you are going to store in the storage units will have value to you, be it monetary or sentimental and you definitely don’t want anything to get stolen. So, security should be your biggest concern. A secure facility should have computerized access gates, high walls surrounding the facility and CCTV cameras installed at regular intervals. Additionally there should be security teams keeping an eye on things and patrolling the premises. The lighting should be adequate. Security alarms for each storage unit could be a plus.

Clean and pest free facility:

The facilities need to be clean, you are going to store your valuables in the storage units, including, paper, cloths, furniture etc. you don’t want to put these stuff in a dingy, unclean place. Unclean places breed pests and vermin, and you definitely don’t want any such critters running around in your unit, taking bites off your paper. So, take a tour of the facility and see the state of the facility and how clean it is kept.


Helpful customer service and friendly manager:

When you rent a storage unit, you are likely to use it over the long term. So, you want to be in good terms with the manager and other staff members at the facility. Whether or not this will happen will be determined at the first meeting you have. Talk to them and see how polite and courteous they are towards you and how open they are towards answering questions about the facility. The manager should provide you with contact information that you can use in an emergency such as if they get locked out of their facility for any system malfunction.s

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