Tips To Boost Your Home Value

Perhaps you may need to sell your home in the future so, it is always a good idea to keep its value up. When it comes to sell, many home owners do the same stuff, apply fresh coats of paint all around and do a mass cleaning in the inside. This may fool some customers but, if you want to really boost its value, take a look at the following tips.

Keep your HVAC and all your systems fully functional and inspected. Keep a track of these inspections in a record as well as any tune-ups you did. One of the things customers value the most is to see you have maintained their future home. By keeping record of this, they will see you are the kind of people that cares and maintains.

Power wash your home exterior. You don’t need to apply fresh paint to the exterior which is quite expensive but a power wash is not so expensive, something like $200 per 500 square feet, and will give you good results.

First impression matters a lot for everything. And what’s the first thing potential customers are going to see? Your garden and home exterior. It is really important you keep your garden in a good shape. If you plan to sell it, you may not need to plant new flowers on it but at least get rid out of weeds and add some hanging plants to the entry. If your house numbers are worn out, change them and add light fixtures next to the door.

Give a facelift to your kitchen. No, we aren’t talking about refurbishing the whole kitchen but there is nothing more of an eyesore than a dirty, greasy kitchen that smells to old stuff. When somebody wants to buy a new home, the more it feels like new, the better. Give your kitchen a fresh paint coat and facelift your cabinets. Don’t change them, just change the pulls which will cost you a few bucks and clean all the grease out of the place.


Try to give your home a modern look even if it’s old. There are some things that were trendy in the past but now they feel updated and they smell like old. For example, if you have popcorn ceilings, get rid of them at once, same as stuccos around the house. Yes, this may be a pain in your neck but it really fetches the price. Removing a popcorn ceiling is very easy and you can do it yourself as long as it doesn’t contain asbestos, which is toxic and dangerous and should only be removed by a professional. Stucco paint is easy to remove but you may not need to remove it, just cover it. There is some painting just made to cover stucco without having to remove it. It may be a bit pricey if you compare it with regular paint but, so that you are going to paint the house anyways, give it a try.

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