The Ins and Outs of Creating your Own Custom Wall Mural

Creating custom wall mural is not only for those who have proven their creativity and tang for style. All individuals are entitled to acquire their right to express themselves through art. You don’t have to be an artist to install one of those popularly regarded MuralForm designs. All you need to do is read the tips listed below and start your journey to expanding your imaginations:

The Right Photo

Considering that you are not born an artist and you need to use an online tool, it is best to get one photo that will serve as your own guide in creating the wallpaper mural.

  • Use an image that is within the minimum size of 2MB. This will allow you not to stretch the image too much while distorting the lines and natural form of the art.
  • Your image should also be more than 1800 x 1800 pixels.
  • In terms of DPI, the image should be within 180-300 dots per inch.
  • Depending on the preference or requirement of the tool, you can upload photos that are in the form of PNG, TIFF, GIF or JPEG.
  • You may find difficulty in uploading files other than the types mentioned above.


Using the Image Chosen

MuralForm images can be very useful in this journey. However, even if you have actually adhered to the standards above you can still go wrong if you do not do the following:

  • Don’t zoom too much. Stretching images will distort the resolution. For instance, you might have not chosen the right size and you keep on dragging the photo to suit your preferred size, the shapes will be altered leading you to achieving less than what you imagined.
  • If you are taking your own photo, make sure that you are close to the subject as much as possible. Take for example any image from MuralForm which are close enough to show every detail of the subject.
  • Provide adequate lighting. You don’t need to install spotlights for this venture alone. All you need to achieve is the right lighting effect to show the truest colors of the images. Try to take a photo during daytime to achieve this goal.
  • Be original – copyright infringement is actually a serious crime. You don’t want people to claim your design after you have exerted all efforts and endured all pains of creating it. Upload an image within your right and enjoy the price of creating it from your own imagination.

Author Bio:

Richard Farris is a certified mural creator who has the ability to infuse in his artistic products the desire and personality of his clients. For him, his art is more than a business. It is a key to building lasting satisfaction and client relationship.

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