Repairing Of Roof Or Total Replacement – How to Decide?

There are different types of roofing problems every home owner’s experience. However, as a customer you will always prefer a long term solution. If you have to call the roofing contractor every second or third day then it is just irritating for you as a customer but also to the service providers, too. Repeated call leads to questionable reputation of the repair contractor. Therefore in many occasion the roofing contractor will prefer to replace the total roof instead of fixing. In addition, unwanted replacement of roof can be a very costly choice.

Roofing contractros ann arbor Michigan conducts a survey to make realistic decision with regards to roof replacement or repair.

Check whether any shingle missing from any small section of the roof.

If you find this condition then it is much easier to fix the problem. Repairing is much more affordable for house owners. However, if you cannot get matched shingle from the market then you can go for one mismatched shingle. However if you have to sell your house in near future then perhaps you need to take a decision to replace it, so as to increase property resale value.

Repairing Of Roofs

Are there two different layers of shingles on your roof?

In such case it will be good idea to replace the entire structure, because if you try to repair any one layer then leakage can happen from the other layer. It will be difficult to detect the exact location of leakage and you may end up calling your roofing contractors, repeatedly. Finally, end up spending more than total replacement itself and how you can ignore the effort and time wasted.

Have you noticed plenty of shingle granules?

This indicates the life of the shingles is over and in such condition you must opt for replacement.

Are you nearing expiry date for roofing material?

If this is the condition of your roof then it does not make any sense for repairing and paying your roofing contractor many times. However, if your roof is just few years old then by all means you must go for repair.

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