Reasons to Buy Roller Blinds for Your Home and Office Windows

Roller blinds are all time favorite of young graduates and home owners shifting to new home. However, as more number of stylish, customized and trendy blinds is introduced in the market, people have started using them as their windows’ treatment.

Reasons for Popularity

  • Cost Effectiveness

Rullaverhot or roller blinds are made with simple design and fabrics meaning they are affordable to all class of buyers. The installation cost of these blinds is also very low in comparison to wooden venetian blinds.

A competent handyman can perform the installation work easily and therefore there is no need to hire professional blind fitters. The price charged by handymen is just a fraction of what a professional blind fitter will charge.

  • Simple Mechanism

Roller blinds are manufactured from a simple roller on which, the fabrics wraps around. This roller is attached to a pulley which old and young can use. Such a mechanism ensures that the blinds can be easily “opened “in a fraction of second for lightening the room, or alternatively can be quickly “closed” for maintaining privacy.


This ensures that the chances of anything going wrong are quite less, but if some repairs are required, a person with DIV skills must be present for fixing it.

  • Wide Selection

Nowadays, there are various choices available in roller blinds, from which the home owners can choose the piece as per their taste. For kitchen and bathrooms, you can buy washable fabrics such as vinyl. While for other areas in the house, you can go with silk and velvet to polyester and cotton as per your style and budget.

In the past few years, new designers have joined the industry and have created the funky styles and awesome patterns at reasonable prices.  These are a must pick for children’s bedrooms, individuals’ lounges and student apartments.

  • Maintenance And Cleaning

For window treatments, roller blinds are the best. In case you have kept curtains on windows, you need to unlock and wash them either on your own or in washing machine, while same goes for the venetian blinds which need regular coats and special polishes of varnish for maintaining their luster.

In comparison to all these, roller blinds don’t require any special coats or polishes for maintenance. Besides this, they just need few wipes of soft brush for removing the dust and an extra rub with an old piece of cloth for removing stubborn stains. You don’t need to spend hours for cleaning windows, just few minutes every week will work fine.

  • Compact And Discreet

One more reason for popularity of roller blinds is because they hardly take up the space on your window sill or room. Therefore, you can still utilize that space for ornaments and photographs without any need to move them while adjusting your roller blinds.  When rolled up fully, these roller blinds look clean and neat, something that you won’t get with other types of blinds.


Author’s Bio:

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