Modern Style Is Trending towards Minimalism – Little is More

Minimalism is a rather new trend in design where the item is made with only the necessary parts. The minimalist furniture design has been influenced by the traditional design. With minimalist the materials are what are available in the area they are designed for. In HAY furniture this means a simplistic effect with the Scandinavian feel.


A minimalistic look is one where only the needed furniture in the room is used and no room has a “crowded look”. These are just simple designs of the various pieces. Most furniture in minimalism is very easy to design on computers and the designs will have the look that includes:

  • Innovative
  • Quality
  • And very functional

The word ‘simple’ best describes minimalism – in furniture it is a very simplistic style that is functional. A chair is just a chair made to sit on – not to drape your legs over. It is just a chair made simply to sit on.

AAC collection

On the web site for HAY you will find the “About a Chair” or AAC collection that is one of the more well-known designs from the HAY collections. These are a series of barstools and chairs designed by Hee Welling and are the very essence of the minimalistic design. These are comfortable and simple both at the same time.

Copenhague collection

Another part of the collection of HAY is the very beautiful Copenhague tables, chairs, side tables and desks. These were designed by the French brothers Bouroullec for the HAY collection. Again using the minimalistic design – simple but functional.


Palissade collection

Recently the Bouroullec brothers designed outdoor furniture for the HAY collection. This furniture is the Palissade collection and can be used in varied ways. This collection is comfortable but strong and modern as well as elegant all at the same time.

If minimalistic is what you are looking for your home, the HAY collection is what you need to view.

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