Is it Worth to Install Laminate Flooring in Drawing Room?

It is not surprising, laminate flooring is one of the most preferred choices for home interiors. It has the style  and beauty of hardwood flooring, but with other major benefits.

How to install laminate flooring?

Laminate floors are favored widely by people, as above all else, they are enormously practical. Unlike other flooring types, laminate floors are stain, scratch, and fade resistant, in many cases, it also burns resistant. It has a feature called the wear layer for its durability, which is a resin – based layer of the specific boards of laminate floors which are designed specially to resist various forms of abrasion. It is made up of various coats of melamine or aluminum oxide. The protection added to the flooring means, it is highly recommended for a house with pets and small children. Due to recent changes in laminate flooring, there are moisture resistant choices so that you can now fix it into the kitchen and bathroom.


Another benefit that allures many interiors and home builders in its low maintenance. Once the flooring is fixed, it maintains its brand look for several years to come and just needs some basic cleaning. Unlike hardwood flooring, it does not require waxing or buffing offering maximum advantages without drawback. No other flooring is easy to maintain and care than laminate flooring. For all day cleaning, just vacuum the floor or sweep to take off the debris and loose dirt. Don’t use soap, household cleaners, wax or any other product on the floor directly. This might leave a film on the floor and cause it to pull more leave streaks, dirt, and footprints. The best way to clean your laminate floor is to use water and ammonia or any kind of window cleaning solution. First vacuum or sweep the floor, then spray cleaner and buff it up with a paper towel or a cloth.

Laminate flooring is also suitable for the drawing room, as the flooring is easy to clean and maintain. There are even health benefits linked with the choice of flooring preferably for people with allergies. Unlike carpets which can cause allergy symptoms, laminate flooring can be the hygienic choice for your home; it does not collect food crumbs, dust mites, and animal or human residues. Therefore, offering you with a healthier and cleaner living space. In cases of extreme allergies, medical professionals might suggest you remove the carpet.

Also, you might not have thought it, but the flooring choice can also add a great value to your home. In today’s market, home buyers are looking for hardwood flooring more than carpeted flooring. So if you are the one who looks to sell your home, laminate flooring might be a valuable investment. Also, if you wish to shift your home, the option of taking the flooring with you is also accessible with laminate flooring.


So, laminate flooring is the right choice for the drawing room as well as to your whole home. They are available at a remarkably cheap option and choices.

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