How to Find the Best Local Traders

Finding the right trades people can be challenging. Booking the wrong traders can result to poor professionalism, structural issues, and other problems. One common mistake that consumers make is that they fail to check the credentials before employing local traders. This will not be the case if you follow the tips from TrustATrader.

Get Recommendations from Family and Friends

One way to find the best local electrician, builder, or plumber is through word of mouth. You can ask for referrals from your family, friends, colleagues, and neighbours. Or you can also ask your industry contacts. For instance, when you are looking for a roofer, you could ask for a recommendation from an electrician or a plumber who you had a good experience with. You should make sure that the roofer knows who gave the recommendation, and the trader might even give you a discount.

Use Government-Backed Scheme

Another way to find local traders is through TrustMark, which is a non-profit scheme supported by the government. All you need to do is go to the website and input your postcode and the type of trader you are looking for. Then it will provide you with a list of trader contacts that are within 50 miles of your postcode.

TrustMark audits the scheme operators each year to ensure that standards, processes, and complaint procedures are maintained. When a service provider has the TrustMark logo, it means that the technical skills of the traders have been checked via on-site inspections, as well as an inspection of their financial status and trading record.

Service providers have agreed to a code of practice that includes good health and safety practices, customer care, and insurance. The operator will monitor the quality of work, customer satisfaction, and trading practices and quality of work.

Recommendation Websites

And while you are still online, you can go check online recommendation platforms, such as TrustATrader. It is much better than just choosing a random trader from an online directory. There are various sites that provide space for traders to advertise their services, and customers to post their jobs.

Online recommendation websites work just like word of mouth recommendations. The traders are judged based on their past jobs. This can be helpful in finding the right trader for your project.

One of the reliable recommendation-based directories is TrustATrader. It allows consumers to enter their postcode, and find a list of traders who are within the area. Aside from electricians, plumbers, builders, and mechanics, the site also helps people find retailers, garage services, and car sales.

The best thing is that previous clients can provide feedback on their experiences working with the trader.It also allows uploading of images of previous projects. This will allow consumers to determine whether the trader is the right one for the job.

These are the ways you can find the best local traders. You can get recommendations from friends and family, through word of mouth, or use TrustATrader to come up with a shortlist of traders. This will allow you to choose who is best suited for the job.

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