Furnishing in modern style

Furnishing an apartment in modern style means choosing minimal elements, renouncing any reference to the classic style. More precisely, the modern style has come into the collective imagination as an aesthetic, characterized by geometrical lines, extremely clean and without ornaments. The ornament is defined by well-defined metal or plastic applications, completely different from the heavy classic effect, often determined by woodworking. Modern means extreme purity in the forms and consequently the choice of elements to be inserted into an apartment. The best modern design uses alternative materials, preferring plastic alloys and resins in the structure of its components.

If you have opted for a modern style, you have been seduced by the simple and minimal lines, the possibility of modularity, undisputed functionality, and continuous evolution.

You should opt for an airy environment in which chromatic contrasts are well-studied and the materials used always have a touch of unusual originality.

Modern furniture loves practical and space-saving solutions, leaving a wide choice of furnishings (at the sides or at the center of the room): it fits both open spaces and more traditional homes.

Decorating a kitchen in modern style, means to prefer a structure characterized by lacquers and with few strictly geometric metal elements.

The finishes can be chosen between lacquered or satin, while the colors you should prefer are undoubtedly white and the shades of light gray. Finally, if you love design, you can choose few well-selected items, especially in appliances and lighting systems.

Usually modern furniture is associated with rigid shapes, neutral colors and soft atmospheres with few touches in dark nuances: it is the expression of timeless elegance that invites you to relax and quiet, perfect for your living room, ideal environment where you can also include an important design object or a contemporary artwork. A very important piece of furniture for the living room is the sofa: there are so many types of modern sofas, the important thing is that it is comfortable, to accommodate guests and spend time in complete relaxation.

And now, are you ready to furnish your home in a modern style?

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