Fireplace Gas Logs In San Francisco: Choose a see Through Vented or Ventless Type

Different feelings and emotions are expressed by different people when they see beautiful looking dancing flames of fireplace gas log. Finding that perfect complimentary fireplace gas logs San Francisco set can be quite difficult as there are numerous options available to choose from.

These gas logs come in different styles and appearances including vent-free or see through vented models. They are so many sets available on the market but you need to do your research properly before purchasing a fireplace gas log. You should understand that there are models for indoor and outdoor and every brand has its own series. Manufacturers have products with a wide range of features, diversity and beauty; so make sure you compare the many different styles and features as well as the price.

Vented gas log is on high demand because it has better dramatically projected flames, variety in design, styles and flexibility over its vent free counterparts. The vented and vent free type are both equipped with the feature of Oxygen Depletion Sensitive Safety Pilot System. With this feature, they can shut off gas flow when oxygen levels falls below required standard. Vent free gas log has a wonderful heat efficiency performance. You can as well opt for a dual burner system to give out a taller and dramatic flame.

Fireplace gas logs in San Francisco come in different varieties and dimensions. A model could have 12 inch bark split type logs with a curved shape bottom, and a 360 degree viewing. Many kinds of logs are available for you to choose from including the ones made from ceramics which have been casted from real wood to project a realistic look.


The lighting methods are safe and convenient to use. To use a match light, all you have to do is place the match light near the burner and turn on the gas with the gas key valve. You could also use the safety pilot featuring a pilot valve assembly that has a control knob that takes care of the turn on and off operation with a pilot light.

The number of logs depends on the size of the set; you can have the rectangular shaped pan burner with the logs placed on the burner pan. The set comes with sand, connector kit, damper, clamp, ember bed and instructions. Fireplace gas logs San Francisco manufacturers give a lifetime warranty for gas logs and about two years for the pan burner.

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