The living room also known as the family room is always the very first place we enter in an apartment. It is where we entertain guests and also do some relaxation ourselves. A lot of things go into a living room decoration. The living room is usually more spacious than the rest of the apartment so there are more options for furniture you can use in that space. One of the most eye-catching living room furniture is the coffee table.

Coffee tables are usually used as the center table whereby most of the times it is placed on top of a center rug. Some people do not consider a coffee table as an essential piece of furniture; however, the coffee table takes center stage and makes the living room look exquisite. Most times when you enter the room, the coffee table first stares at you in the face because it is positioned where anyone who enters the living room sees it first before any other piece of furniture. When choosing a coffee table suitable for the living room, take into consideration the theme of the room and also your style. If you will be using a center rug, consider the size of the rug before picking a coffee table. You do not want the table to be bigger than the rug, everything needs to be proportional. The coffee table should always be smaller than the rug. There are a lot of coffee tables to choose from, let’s take a look at some of them;


Glass coffee table; these tables come in different forms. They could be rectangular, square, round or oval shaped and they also come in different colors. These tables are usually nice when you have side tables in glass forms. They are very easy to clean. However, if you have small kids, you may want to go for another type of coffee tables.

Round coffee table: these tables are in wooden form. They are very beautiful and classy. The look they give to your living room is just fantastic. Despite the fact that they mostly come in wooden forms, these tables come in different shades of wood stain colors such as red oak, golden oak, cinnamon, red mahogany etc. So whatever shade of brown you prefer, you have several choices.

Marble coffee table; if you are looking for uniqueness, then this should be for you. These tables are not commonly used but they give the space class and sophistication. As with the glass coffee table, it is very easy to clean and maintain.

Whatever your style is, be it simple or elaborates, there is a coffee table that suits your style and taste. If you are shopping for coffee tables, you can take a picture of the space you want to put it in so that you can choose the appropriate one.

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