Choose an Appropriate Kind of Wardrobe to Smarten Your Bedroom

After bed, wardrobe is the vital furniture to consider in a bedroom. Without a wardrobe your bedroom looks incomplete. It is a necessity because you can keep your clothes, accessories, and shoes organized. Before buying a wardrobe, you will need to consider many aspects, besides aesthetics.

  • Measure storage space to fill
  • Calculate storage needs
  • Select right style, especially for wide room
  • Think about doors
  • Determine the colors
  • Choose accurate design

Wardrobe designing

When you look at all the different kinds of Garderoobid (wardrobes) design available remember the items you desire to store in. Consider the functional features-

  • For long dresses make sure the wardrobe has place for full hangers
  • For trousers and short dresses 3/4th hangers are suitable
  • For shorts and T-shirts shelves are appropriate
  • Drawers are perfect for socks and undergarments
  • Jeweler drawers helps to minimize clutter
  • Built-in shoe-racks allow less mess in bedroom
  • More shelves mean more storage space but check the vertical spacing between 2-shelves
  • Hooks on door or rear side allows hanging clothes or keys or umbrella
  • Loft allows storing items that are not needed often.
  • Built-in locker helps to keep cash and valuables safe.
  • Wardrobe with lock on door adds safety.

Wardrobe types

Looking at different kind of wardrobes in stores will create a lot of confusion. Here are the basic common wardrobes types.

Free standing wardrobes

Your bedroom can get a more luxurious and relaxing feel with free standing closets. However make sure to measure the space it will be placed. The closet itself needs to have sufficient space to fit your clothes and other accessories easily. If there is a fixed rail then check the height to find out if all your long dresses will be hung appropriately. Besides you will need to consider the door styles. Types of free standing wardrobes are –

  • Single door wardrobes – These are compact and small in width. Best option for guest or small bedrooms. Ideal for storing single adult person’s or kid’s belongings.
  • Two-door wardrobe – Double door is much wider than the single door. It is good for couple’s bedroom or for single person requiring more storage space.
  • Three door wardrobes – Perfect option for couples allowing them share storage space comfortably.
  • Four door wardrobes – These are extensively large and can be shared by a nuclear family.


Sliding door wardrobes

Rooms that cannot afford space can opt for sliding door wardrobes. There is no need for space because doors slide and do not open out. You will need to consider the door style and how many people will use it.

Mirrored wardrobes

Mirrors are fitted on the door and it is a good wardrobe option for modern room décor. They add inviting and attractive look to your bedroom. A full-size mirrored wardrobe can also fill in as a dresser. You need to consider door style and number of family members using it.


This luxury cannot be enjoyed because of limited space in cities. Basically, walk-in-wardrobe is a special room attached to bathroom or bedroom. It is designed as a wardrobe for organizing clothes and accessories. It also acts as changing room.

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