Buying Guide About Lawn Mower And Tractors

Maintaining a lawn, whether it’s in acres or a small strip of land, is a vexing task. It’s important to get the right lawn mower or a murutraktor because you want your lawn in topnotch condition and look beautiful. Finding the one that is best suited to your need or more specifically your lawns need is all about knowing the basics of lawn mower and tractors.

Lawn mowers and tractors

A lawn mower is a machine whether automatic or manual that uses a set of revolving blades to cut the grass. These have adjustable blade heights that need to be adjusted manually to get the desired trim size.


A lawn tractor is able to handle large stretches of lands. It comes with many attachments and can handle a lot of things like

  • Seeding
  • Fertilizing
  • Mowing, etc.

Types of lawn mowers

There are various types of lawn mowers that you can choose from

  • Gas or electric powered – These use a circular blade enclosed in a protective housing. These are best for cutting the grasses up to 2 inches. Mostly used for bluegrass or fescue.
  • Mulching mowers – These are the mowers that recycle the grass clippings.
  • Gas powered reel mower – For large lawns with grasses that need cutting of shorter than 2 inches like bent grass.
  • Self-propelled – These are feasible for large and hilly terrain
  • Riding lawn mower or lawn tractors – Best suited for large lawns. These come with multiple attachment options and have varied uses.

Things to consider before choosing a mower

The following things help in choosing the type of lawn mower or tractor.

  • Terrain type – There are various aspects of a terrain that can affect the choosing a type of mower like whether the land is hilly, does it have flowerbeds, ponds, etc. moreover, does it have slopes, ditches and whether the land is flat or it has many
  • Terrain size – The size of the land dictates the type of mower you can use. You cannot employ a manual land mower in a large stretch of land and similarly using a tractor in a very small piece of land is not feasible.
  • Demonstration – Always ask for a demonstration prior to buying. A demonstration not only clarifies the basics of using a mower but it also helps to analyze the feasibility in terms of your need.
  • Maintenance – You need to understand the maintenance cost and schedule of service for the mower you are buying. The cost effectiveness and the frequency of the maintenance is an important aspect. Ask for and understand the warranty terms and time.

If you have a large piece of land then lawn tractor is your best bet. It’s best for cutting, mulching and bagging in a large area. The Manuaveribilty is great, you can closely crop near the trees, fences, etc. It can be ridden smoothly and comfortably.

It has various safety features like automatic shutdown when the operator is not in the tractor. All in all a lawn tractor has an array of features that can ease the burden of maintaining a large lawn.

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